TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Bill Vote, Atlanta's Crosswalk Sting, Detroit Bus Drivers Ask for Bedbug Help

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Top stories on TN:
Fed Transportation Conference Report: Not a Touchdown. More Like A Field Goal (link)
Heath Care Architect Baucus: I Was Focused on Transpo Bill (link)
Court Rules NYC Taxis Need Not Be Wheelchair Accessible (link)
Transportation Bill Conference Report Released (link)

Political metaphor? (photo by Kate Hinds)

A vote on the transportation bill is coming today. (Reuters)

Meanwhile, conservative groups are hastily ramping up opposition. (The Hill)

And transportation advocates aren't happy, either. (Streetsblog)

Who is happy? House T&I committee chair John Mica. (WMFE)

The nation’s first federal safety standards for transit agencies -- the legacy of a 2009 Metro crash -- are included in the transportation bill. (AP via Washington Post)

Don’t think for a moment that congressional supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are through pushing their cause on Capitol Hill. (Politico)

Non-transpo bill news:
Atlanta police set up a sting operation to increase awareness of pedestrian crosswalk laws. "I knew you were supposed to yield to pedestrians, but I didn't know you couldn't drive through the crosswalk when they were there," complained one ticketed driver. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

How hot is it in DC? Hot enough that Metro is lifting its ban on drinking water on buses and trains. (DCist)

New York State will create exclusive bus lanes on the new Tappan Zee Bridge during rush hour. (Journal News)

Construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge is "likely to adversely affect” two types of endangered Hudson River sturgeon -- but “not likely to jeopardize the continued existence,”says a new report. (Journal News)

Cities are growing at a faster rate than suburbs. (AP via Crain's NY)

Give birth on the J train, get presents from the NY MTA: a woman who gave birth on the subway received a bunch gifts from the city's transit agency, including a MetroCard mobile and a J train onesie. (New York Post)

Who's fare beating on NYC subways and buses? Probably children over 44" tall. "Yeah, you with the pig-tailed, 7-year-old daughter with the Hello Kitty backpack who just oh-so-cutely ducked under the subway turnstile. She's a fare-beater." (Wall Street Journal)

The union representing Detroit's bus drivers has asked the City Council to put pressure on the transit agency to help stop the spread of bedbugs on buses. (Detroit News)