TN MOVING STORIES: Fare Hikes Kick In, California To Vote on Bullet Train Bonds, A Brief History of Biking in China

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Top stories on TN:
DC Bike Shop Owners See Big Returns From Bike Share (link)
Diamond Engagement Ring Is Lost And Then, Against Long Odds, Found On Long Island Railroad (link)
After Long Fight, Congress Passes 2-Yr Surface Transportation Bill (link)
Red Hook, Brooklyn, A Transit Cul De Sac, Gets Real Time Bus Info (link)
Meeting About Sheridan Expressway Ends in Protest (link)
More Texans To Drive This 4th of July Holiday (link)

Bike share in Hangzou (photo by whitecatsg via flickr)

New York Times editorial: the just-passed transpo bill is serviceable -- but eventually Congress will need to raise the gas tax to support transportation.

Today is the 75th anniversary of Amelia Earhart's disappearance. (The Takeaway)

California's state legislature will vote this week on whether to authorize $2.7 billion in bonds to fund its high-speed rail program. (AP via San Francisco Chronicle)

Fare hikes kicked in yesterday for some transit systems, including DC and Charlotte. In Boston, fares are going up an average of 23%. (Boston Globe)

A five-year outlook for the Milwaukee County Transit System lays out a bleak choice between pouring in more tax dollars and slashing bus service. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

DC is looking for companies to advertise on Capital Bikeshare for the first time since the bike-sharing program started in 2010. (Washington Examiner)

Staten Island occupies the top two spots on the MTA's list of highest fare evasion bus routes. (New York Daily News)

BMW and Toyota are pairing up on cell technology, electric vehicle architectures and an all-new sports car. (Autopia)

A brief history of bicycling in China: "first a cultural icon, then a sign of backwardness, and maybe now Copenhagen-style cool." (The Atlantic)

Hundreds of Amtrak passengers were stranded on a train in West Virginia for 20 hours after a storm left fallen trees on the tracks. (AP via Wall Street Journal)

The onrushing wind created by the L train inspires one artist to film people's hair. (link)