Lhota: Give Us Electricity, We'll Give You F, and 2/3 Subways in Two Hours

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MTA Chair Joe Lhota said subway trains can run between Manhattan and Brooklyn soon after power is restored

In a press briefing with Governor Cuomo, the transit chief said two of the tunnels that were flooded by Hurricane Sandy will be ready to go.

"As soon as we get power on the [in the 4/5 tunnel] we will be able to run service through the Rast Tiver into Manhattan and connect the 4 and 5 trains all the way up to the Bronx." The same goes for the F train he said.   The tunnel is ready to go. The same applies to most track south of 34th street in Manhattan.

Lhota said service could be up and running on closed stretches of track as quickly as two hours after power is restored. "We can't do it without electricity."

Other transit is coming back on line as well. You can always find the latest information in our Transit Tracker.