TN MOVING STORIES: Chicago BRT, C02 Trends, Transpo Bill Tune-Up

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Top stories on TN:

WMFE asked John Mica's constituents what they think of his House transportation bill. They don't know it exists. (Link)

These two charts show the average U.S. driver is emitting less CO2, but still driving a lot. (Link) Though a little less. (Link)

All the airlines raised fares last week, passing on gas price hikes. (Link)

See what NYC's$1.4 billion Fulton Street Transit Center will look like when completed in 2014 (Link)

The transportation bills will get a "tune-up." (Politico)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce reps are traveling the country to raise support for a new transportation funding bill. (Transpo Issues Daily)

Chicago is channeling more than $7.3 million in tax bus rapid transit” line downtown. (WBEZ)

Meanwhile, the Chicago Transit Authority says millions of dollars have been wasted on unused spare parts. So it is selling them off. (WBEZ)

Older drivers make up 8 percent of miles driven but 17 percent of accidents. (TRIP via Politico)

The auto bailout is still a major issue in the Michigan primary. (Marketplace)

Local advocates are running radio ad to pressure NY's Gov to add transit to the planned Tappan Zee Bridge. (Observer)

Cincinnati has broken ground on a new streetcar. (SoapBoxMedia)

Detroit's troubled transportation authority is getting a new leader. (AP in the Republic)

Berkeley Calif. enacts a law to protect cyclists from driver harassment. (Streetsblog)