Amtrak: No Service to NYC, Hudson Tunnels Still Flooded

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(New York, NY) Amtrak says there will be no service to New York City Wednesday, and they have no idea when regional trains will be able to run along the busiest rail corridor in the nation following flooding from Hurricane Sandy. Amtrak tunnels under the Hudson and East Rivers are flooded just like NYC subway tunnels.

"The amount of water intrusion into the tunnels is unprecedented – as was the storm itself – so a date for restoration of Amtrak service directly to/from New York Penn Station from either the north or south is not available at this time," Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole told Transportation Nation in an email.

"There will be no Northeast Regional service between Newark and Boston [on Wednesday] and no Acela Express service for the length of the Northeast Corridor," Cole wrote.

Amtrak carries more travelers between Washington, D.C. and Boston than all airlines combined, about 750,000 each weekday.

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