TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Bill Latest, Midwest Gets High(er) Speed Rail, Oil's Money Trail

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Top stories on TN:

"We have one of the strongest passenger rail programs in the history of transportation," Ray LaHood tells The Takeaway. Plus, there' money to pay for improvements he says. (Link)

The transit tax break has been buried deep in partisan fighting in Congress. It could, maybe, still get extended. (Link)

Sketch comedy show Portlandia shows what moving apartments with bikes instead of moving vans would be like: way more hilarity. (Video)


Amtrak is asking for creative rider photos of trains and train travel. This one was submitted by nick009! on Instagram, hashtag #amtrak

The latest on the House transportation bill: it's been split into three, thrown into question by the tax cut deal, and put on hold for recess. (Streetsblog)

Big oil donates big money to Congressmen who support the PIONEERS Act, (7.6 times as much) the oil and gas drilling portion of the house bill. The money trail: (MoneyLight)

The Senate version of the bill had plenty of support, but not anymore. Reason: "non-germaine" amendments. (Transpo Issues Daily)

Amtrak kicked off it's newest high(er) speed rail service from Chicago to Kalamazoo, Mich. (Planetizen)

Airlines are passing on their higher fuel costs to customers. (Marketplace)

A new poll shows more GOP Michigan voters are likely to support a candidate who opposed the auto bailouts, Romney. (The Hill)

Manhattan's street grid is 200 years old. Can't make it to the Museum of the City of NY exhibit honoring the occasion? Here's a nice summary w/pics. (Architects Library via Planetizen)