TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Deadline Looms, Bangalore's Traffic Slows Job Growth, How Twitter Found One Man's Stolen Bike

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Top stories on TN:
NY MTA Losing $100 Million Annually To Fare Evasion (link)

Traffic in Bangalore (photo by Knetgel via flickr)

A temporary extension may be necessary even if lawmakers reach a deal on the transportation bill, because "you have to write everything up," says Senator Jay Rockefeller. (The Hill)

And yes, the deadline for federal transportation funding is this Saturday. (Marketplace)

What happens if Loudon County drops out of the Silver Line Metro project? (GGW)

Fare increases for four Bay Area transit agencies (Muni, BART, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit) are going into effect this weekend. (SF Examiner)

Louisiana drivers will soon be able to show proof of insurance electronically on cellphones or other devices if their insurers send the data that way. (Times Picayune)

During the BART shutdown earlier this month -- as thousands of frustrated commuters waited hours for a ride across San Francisco Bay -- 17% of AC Transit buses were in the yard, empty, for "mechanical reasons. (California Watch)

One Vermonter's taxi business model: do away with the meter and let the passenger set the price. (NPR)

Traffic jams in the Indian city of Bangalore are costing jobs and slowing its tech boom. The population has jumped 50% in one year, leading one planner to point out: “You have to create infrastructure ahead of the need.” (Bloomberg)

While building a subway in Greece’s second-largest city, workers uncovered a section of an ancient road built by the Romans that was the city’s main travel artery nearly 2,000 years ago. (Washington Post via AP)

How twitter found one Brooklyn man's stolen bicycle, leading to a "#crowdsourcesleuthing triumph!" (Slate)

A huge chunk of Queens lacks bike lanes. (DNA Info)

How to combat distracted driving: carrot -- or stick? Many states are raising fines, but some say "it's more productive to treat distracted driving as a driver education problem." (USA Today)

Shanghai's subway system tells female riders: if you wear suggestive clothing, "then no wonder you will be sexually harassed!" (Tea Leaf Nation; h/t @e_jaffe)