TN MOVING STORIES: Chicago Transit Crime Concentrated Downtown, Boston-Area Suburbs Look at Transpo Consolidation, Red Cars Targeted by Birds

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Top stories on TN:
Mermaids, Mermen Ride The NYC Subway (link)
US DOT Doles Out $500 Million to Transportation Projects Around U.S. (link)

According to a new study, owners of cars this color can expect extra bird...attention. (photo by SoulRider.222 via flickr)

Bike rental businesses in New York City are retooling to survive the upcoming bike share program -- but they're not that worried, because it's "the tide that lifts all boats." (Crain's NY)

New York Post columnist Nicole Gelinas: Just how is New York State going to come up with the money to pay for the new Tappan Zee Bridge? "The summer surprise could be for Cuomo to do what lots of people do when confronted with the impossible: Find a quick and dirty solution." (Bonus: walk down memory lane to revisit Governor Pataki's MTA capital plan.) (link)

Five towns in the Boston suburbs are outfitting their public transportation vehicles with GPS devices to gather information on routes and riders -- with the goal of using the data to merge services next year. (Boston Globe)

The Chicago Tribune analyses hot spots for transit crimes, and finds that it is "highly concentrated in the downtown area, where dozens of bus routes converge and Loop trains operate, as well as on the entire Red Line." (link)

A container terminal in Bayonne, NJ, received $11 million from the federal government to make it possible to unload cargo directly onto rail, rather than rely on trucks. (WNYC)

Washington Post opinion: Congress should focus on funding the transportation bill, not keeping the rates for student loans extra low. (link)

Cash-strapped cities are selling naming rights and sponsorships to raise money -- and transit agencies are being particularly aggressive. "Straphangers in Philadelphia buy fare cards blazoned with ads for McDonald’s and ride the Broad Street Line to AT&T Station (formerly Pattison Station), where the turnstiles bear the company’s familiar blue and white globe." (New York Times)

NJ Spotlight analysis: if Governor Christie's budget is approved now, New Jersey will face a fiscal crisis next spring.

The TSA is making it easier for kids to clear airport security. (NPR)

Red cars are more likely to be hit by bird droppings than other colors, according to a British study; green cars are the most ignored. (USA Today via Detroit Free Press)

London bus workers will stage further strikes unless there is a deal over bonuses for Olympic working, a union leader has warned. (BBC)

The New York Bicycle Film Festival opens this week, and a documentary about illegal bike messenger races is making waves. (New York Daily News)