TN Moving Stories: Oil Boom Agony and Ecstasy, CA drivers still texting despite ban, and old NYC Subway Cars Walk the Plank

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California drivers are still texting while behind the wheel. At approximately twice the rate they were texting before the state ban went into affect last year. (Los Angeles Times)  Meanwhile, a battle is shaping up over a ballot initiative that would suspend that state's stringent greenhouse gas emissions rules. (New York Times)

Oil boom in North Dakota drives up revenue -- and rents. (Minnesota Public Radio)

BART votes to approve the Oakland Airport Connector.  Again.  (SF Streetsblog)

Shareholders of United and Continental Airlines vote today on the proposed merger.  (Marketplace)

Where do old NYC subway cars go?  Hint: their passengers now include black sea bass and flounder. WNYC takes a look at a photo exhibit of their watery graves.