TN MOVING STORIES: NJ Borrows More for Transpo, NY MTA Warns Subway Riders Off Tracks, BART Police Reunite Owners With Stolen Bikes

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(image courtesy NY MTA)

As the number of straphangers hit by subway trains continues to rise, New York's MTA rolled out a campaign warning subway riders to stay away from the tracks. (New York Daily News)

Imperial Oil Ltd formally withdrew a highly contested plan to truck huge loads of equipment over a mountain pass on the Idaho/Montana border -- having already moved them to its Alberta oil sands project via alternative routes. (Reuters, Missoulian)

Neither party liked Governor Christie's bill to raise the borrowing cap for transportation projects, but the New Jersey State Assembly Budget Committee approved it anyway. (Star-Ledger)

And: In the latest effort by NJ lawmakers to crack down on perks at the Port Authority, the Assembly approved a bill to restrict the use of company cars and drivers, overnight travel, housing allowances, personal expense accounts and toll passes for agency officials and employees. (Star-Ledger)

Tesla's new electric sedan: five passengers, 89 MPG, and no engine. (NPR)

How many jobs will California's high-speed rail program bring? Perhaps not as much as originally thought. (LA Weekly)

Britain's traffic jams are the worst in Europe -- and they're particularly bad on Fridays. (Daily Mail)

The helmet law debate is heating up in British Columbia as Vancouver negotiates for a bike share program. (Vancouver Sun)

BART police are trying to reunite riders with stolen bikes. (Mercury News)

JetBlue has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use a new navigation system to save time and fuel in its New York landings. (Crain's New York Business)

Opinion: Republican-led austerity is pushing public transit into severe fiscal and physical crisis. (Guardian; h/t @MattSeaton)

The Mermaid Parade is tomorrow -- so it's a good time to check out some 2011 MTA-curated photos of straphangers in costume en route to Coney Island.  (h/t @AdamLisberg)