The New Pope Rides Public Transit, So Will He Ditch These Old Popemobiles (PICS)

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Popemobile, 1995 edition. (Photo by Onze11 via Wikimedia)

With Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina chosen as the new Pope, to be known as Francis I, the remaining papal question is: how will he get around?

A Jesuit, the 76-year-old has already promised a humble papacy. He's known for living out that philosophy as Cardinal, giving up his limousine in favor of riding public transportation. (Anyone with a photo of Cardinal Bergoglio on an Argentine bus, please send it to us ASAP!) He also cooks his own meals.

Will Francis I keep his farecard in his new robes or will the title of Pope require him to roll around in a Popemobile like his predecessors? We're looking into exactly how often Francis I used transit (and did he ride the bike share in Buenos Aires? He is 76, but hey, maybe). We'll keep you posted.

We are also watching what will come of the grand glass globe Popemobiles of Popes past?

Here are some recent Poped-out rides pictured below. (Earlier Papal wagons varied a bit more in design. A temporary 1965 Lincoln Continental Popemobile bore a regal black with a sunroof-like standing spot, rather than the domes pictured below. The Lincoln sold at auction in 2011 for $220,000.)

Pope Benedict XVI in the Popemobile in 2007 (Photo by Caio do Valle via Wikimedia)


Popemobile used by John Paul II when in 1982. (Photo by Detectandpreserve via Wikiemedia)


Special edition 1998 Cadillac Popemobile built solely for an appearance at the Estadio Azteca sports stadium in Mexico City. Thevehicle was blessed by the Pope, but deemed unsafe by the security team as all current "Pope-mobiles" are required to have a bullet proof viewing box. (Photo CC by Flickr user ThatHartfordGuy)