Car Colors: White is the New Silver

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A 2011 Porsche in...white. (Photo by BeverlyHillsPorsches via Flickr)

When it comes to car colors, North Americans now prefer white.

According to data released Wednesday by paint maker PPG Industries, white has edged out silver and black as the most popular color of choice for 2011 model vehicles. Silver had been the favorite of North American car buyers for a decade.

In North America, 20 percent of cars were white. Silver came in second, at 19 percent, with black  and gray close behind (18 percent and 15 percent, respectively). Colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and brown all came in at less than 10 percent.

Other color facts revealed by PPG, which held its Automotive Color Trend Show today: Europeans prefer black cars, Asians prefer silver, and green seems roundly disliked by all three regions, accounting for only 2 percent of car color choices.

But white is the global winner, accounting for 21 percent of 2011 model year cars.

(image courtesy of PPG)

The company said their surveys indicated 77 percent of car buyers said that exterior color was a factor in their purchase, and 31 percent said they’d be willing to pay extra for a color that "expresses their personality."

White will have new competition for the top spot in the future. PPG unveiled 70 shades for the 2014-2015 model years including: "Goldeluxe, a silver with an influence of a gold; White Nougat, a soft creamy white with a highlight sparkle; Muddy Waters, a tone of brown with a pearl luster effect; Grape Spritz, a blue fused with a purple highlight; and Pot O’Gold, a light green with a hint of gold."