From the TN Archives: When Love Met the Bolt Cutter

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(This story originally appeared on June 9, 2011 -- TN is republishing it in honor of Valentine's Day) One of our colleagues, WNYC producer Amy Pearl, commutes over the Brooklyn Bridge most mornings. The bridge is undergoing a massive rehabilitation, and so workers are usually on the job.

Today they were repainting the line on the bridge that separates the bike lane from the pedestrian walkway.

The frequent Brooklyn Bridge crosser is probably familiar with the phenomenon known as "love locks." Amy Pearl explained the practice in a 2009 web article: "Couples write their names on a lock - often the kind you'd use to keep your street clothes safe at the gym - and throw the key into the East River...Similar locks can be found on bridges all over Europe, as in Florence, Poland, Germany, and Latvia."

The locks can be found all over the place, despite the posted rule that forbids the attachment of objects to the bridge.

This morning, Amy told TN that workers were removing the locks. "Our boss told us to cut them," one said. DOT spokesman Montgomery Dean said that crews regularly remove these locks while performing all other ongoing maintenance work.

They got quite a collection.

For more photos of the locks, go here.

(All photographs by Amy Pearl/WNYC)