Governor Christie: I'll Do a "Cold-Hearted Analysis"

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Governor Christie Campaigning this Week With Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady. Photo: Sarah Smith

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) Speaking at a hospital bill signing event in Newark today, NJ Governor Chris Christie, who is just back from a midwest swing where he was campaigning for fellow Republicans, says he hasn't had time to meet with his transit director and his transportation commissioner to "review cost estimates" of the 8.7 billion dollar ARC commuter tunnel.

Christie said he'll be doing "a cold-hearted analysis of whether New Jersey can afford," the tunnel.

Sources say he's already made up his mind to divert New Jersey's 2.7 billion contribution to the ARC to roads, forfeiting the $3 billion federal transit administration new starts funding.

Christie rejected the idea, as Senator Frank Lautenberg has suggested, that the Port Authority guarantee overruns, maintaining much of the Port Authority's revenue comes from New Jersey tollpayers. Full story here.