Study: Transit Ridership Up in 2011

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Austin, TX, got a new commuter rail in 2010.

Transit ridership increased by 85.7 million trips, or 1.7 percent nationwide, in the first six months of 2011, according to a report released today by the American Public Transit Association, the pro-transit lobbying group.

The report said ridership increased across the board on commuter rail, light rail and bus systems, with the biggest jumps on commuter rail in Austin, TX, which added a new service, (221.4 percent) and Nashville, TN (38.5 percent)

Light rail saw ridership hikes in Seattle (42.2 percent) and Dallas, TX (32.3 percent).

Miami and Orlando had the biggest upticks in bus ridership, showing a rise of about ten percent in both cities.

You can see the full report here.  Analysis coming soon.