President's Budget: High Speed Rail, Fixing Roads & Bridges, Complete Streets, TIGER Grants

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Ok, let's remember that this is not a budget -- or that it's not a budget, only.  It's a political document, in a campaign year, that is designed to press forward President Obama's case that he is on the side hard-working Americans, not the 1 %

Having said that, the transportation portion (pdf)  is remarkable in its consistency -- you'd never know the drubbing President Obama took last year on high speed rail and the jobs act.

*Like last year, the President wants a half-trillion dollar, six-year transportation bill. (It's broken out slightly differently, but with $476 for a transportation bill and $50 billion in immediate investments -- a.k.a the jobs bill -- its almost the same as last years $550 billion proposal.)

*Like last year, the President wants to spend about $50 billion on high speed rail, despite a drubbing in Congress in 2011.

*There's no backing down on TIGER grants and "streets that accommodate pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access."

More soon, after Transpo Secretary Ray LaHood's conference call.