TN MOVING STORIES: Ratings Agencies Downgrades NY State Thruway, Apple's New Maps KO's Transit, Saab Could Become EV Company

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(photo by chapstickaddict via flickr)

A major financial rating agency downgraded the New York State Thruway to a negative financial outlook, warned travelers of higher tolls ahead, and raised concern about the cost of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge. (AP via Wall Street Journal)

A lawsuit filed by opponents of California's bullet train says the state can't document that the train's speed complies with the legal requirement of 140 mph. (Bay Citizen)

Bankrupt carmaker Saab has been sold to a Chinese-Swedish investment group which aims to turn the company into a maker of electric vehicles. (BBC)

As the highway bill's June 30th expiration date draws ever nearer, Democrats are taking to Twitter to pressure House Republicans to reach an agreement. (The Hill)

Can financial incentives for drivers curb traffic congestion? A Stanford University program says yes. (The Takeaway)

The excavation of nearly an entire block in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood is beginning in preparation for the tunneling of the city's Central Subway. (San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Appeal)

Santa Monica has adapted a system that resets the time on each parking meter to zero the moment a car pulls out of a space -- wiping out extra time for the next parking car. (New York Times)

An upcoming version of Apple's iOS 6 Maps application lacks support to generate routes using public transit, bicycling, or walking. "While car drivers get an amazing new Maps application that negates many of the reasons to buy GPS devices, as soon as that person gets out of their car to walk around they're thrown back to the stone ages of paper bus schedules." (Examiner)

...and Apple said instead it will allow developers to built their own transit apps that will be featured, integrated, and promoted from within Maps. (Ars Technica)

BP has started production at a key new oil operation under more than a mile of water in the Gulf of Mexico, where it expects production to peak at 60,000 barrels a day of oil. (Houston Chronicle)

Ad-hoc carpooling groups have sprung up near Manhattan's George Washington Bridge -- and cops are cracking down on them. (Wall Street Journal)

Jersey City's city council is mulling over a requirement for most new residential and retail structures to include space for bicycle parking. (Jersey Journal)

Strip malls and big box stores are linked to increased traffic deaths among people older than 75, a new study says. (Atlantic Cities)

Thousands of London bus workers have voted to go on strike ahead of the 2012 Olympics, saying they want a premium for working during game time. (CBS)

Michigan, scrambling to come up with enough money to fund roads, passed a bill dedicating to roads the 4-cent sales tax charged on gas. (Detroit News)

South Africa is pumping $35.6 billion into expanding and improving its railways, ports and fuel pipelines -- a huge investment aimed at unlocking that country's massive mineral deposits. (BusinessWeek)