TN MOVING STORIES: Environmental Concerns May Hamper California's Bullet Train, NJ Transit To Vote Today On Expanding Bikes on Trains

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Utah TRAX station (photo by Photo Dean via flickr)

The construction process for California's bullet train could create more emissions in an area that already has dirty air and high asthma rates -- and resolving the issues could delay the project and boost costs. (Los Angeles Times)

One study found that when states like Florida repealed helmet laws, there was not only an increase in motorcycle fatalities, but also more organ donations. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

A lawsuit could shed light on how the NYPD investigates pedestrian and bike crashes. (New York Times)

New York's MTA is poised to boost bus-lane enforcement on East Side express bus lanes — but only if the city agrees to share the income with the transit agency. (New York Daily News)

New York City's bike share program will skip one ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood, leading to a "Hasidic hole on the bike-share map." (Wall Street Journal)

NJ Transit's board will vote today on whether to allow bikes on all trains and at all stations — with some limitations. (NJ Transit, The Record)

Utah's transit authority spends more on lobbying in Washington, D.C. than any transit agency in the country -- and it has successfully raked in so much federal funding that state auditors say it could be unable to maintain its expanding light-rail and bus network on ordinary revenue. (AP via Daily Herald)

The downside of found money: the Texas Department of Transportation found an extra $2 billion -- reigniting some lawmakers' old frustration over accounting at TxDOT. (New York Times)

A project labor agreement for New York's new Tappan Zee Bridge is creating a rift with organized labor that threatens to throw the $6 billion project into turmoil. (Crain's New York Business)

New York Senator Charles Schumer: some of my favorite bike rides take place in Queens. (DNA Info)

Battery-powered buses are entering the US transit mainstream. (Scientific American)