NPR's Car Talk Guys Retire - Reruns Continue

Ray, left, and Tom Magliozzi, of Car Talk (photo:

People are driving fewer miles, taking mass transit more frequently, and young people care way less about cars and driving.

Now comes word quarter-century-long running public radio program, Car Talk, will no longer produce fresh episodes.

NPR said today that:

"Tom and Ray Magliozzi, aka Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, the comedian mechanics who host NPR's Car Talk, will tell their listeners this afternoon that as of this fall, they'll no longer record new programs. But their weekly call-in series will continue to be distributed by NPR drawing on material from their 25 years of show archives." The show ran for ten years as a local program in Boston before going nationwide.

NPR says the two, who are 74 and 63, and who've broadcast for 35 years, decided "it was time to stop and smell the cappuccino."  (We are not making this up.)

Stations, including flagship WNYC in New York, say they'll continue to air the re-packaged episodes culled from choice moments out of the 12,500 logged and rated calls in the 25 years of archives.

The guffawing brothers aren't worried the show will sound stale in repeats. And why should they? Public radio listeners will still be hunting for affable fixit advice for a 1995 Suburu... ten years from now.