TN MOVING STORIES: Mass Transit Use Soaring, NJ Transit Delays Increase, and LA Gets Its First Street-to-Park Conversion

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A street-to-park conversion in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood (photo by gelatobaby via flickr)

Mass transit use is soaring: Americans took 10.4 billion rides on public transportation in 2011 — a billion more than they took in 2000, and the second most since 1957, says a new report. (New York Times)

DC Metro’s new Silver Line is almost two years from opening, but residents are wrestling with the lasting impact the project may have on local roads. (Washington Post)

Equipment failures along the aging rail lines that carry NJ Transit trains are causing longer delays affecting a growing number of commuters. (Wall Street Journal)

A newly-built section of a high-speed rail line has collapsed in China's central Hubei province following heavy rain; the line was set to open in May. (BBC)

A proposal to reshape MARTA's board of directors has county leaders blasting the plan as racist and accusing Northside leaders of trying to bring back segregation. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Los Angeles just completed its first "street-to-plaza" conversion: officials -- who learned of the technique in NYC -- turned a swath of Griffith Park Boulevard into a pedestrian plaza. (Los Angeles Times)

A two-year highway bill would mean more uncertainty for long-term transportation projects. (Marketplace)

The number of U.S.teenagers getting drivers licenses is on the decline: in early 1980s, 80% of 18 year-olds had licenses; by 2008, that number dropped to 65%. (New York Times op-ed)

The White House is releasing a report that says U.S. dependence on foreign oil imports has dropped by more than two million barrels a day since President Obama took office. (NPR)

The London Underground will put a new vacuum train into use later this year, cutting tunnel cleaning time dramatically. (Railway Gazette)

Gothamist: enough with the subway dance parties.

Bus drivers in Phoenix and neighboring Tempe are on strike. (