More Car Ads For the Apocalypse

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It was, presumably, meant to be humorous -- a Chevy can survive anything, even the apocalypse. Or so the message of last night's Super Bowl ad for Chevy Silverados implied. As a driver passes destroyed highways, a burning Bob's Big Boy, and arrives at a plaza in front of what looks like three bombed-out banks, the soundtrack thrums "looks like we made it." Twinkees apparently also made it. Women did not, bad news for repopulation prospects.

But given the fact that this isn't the first car ad to assure owners they can survive crumbling infrastructure, maybe its part of a darker message: the world may be falling apart (or blowing up), but you can protect yourself by buying the right car.

The other ad, for Audi, profiled here, exhorts users to buy an Audi, because "highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $65 billion a year, and countless tires, which drivers never actually check, because they’re busy, checking email. This is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second."

By the way, it appears Ford is challenging the Chevy apocalypse ad's claim, Ad Age is reporting. "We don't agree with some of GM's claims in their ad, particularly around durability," Ford's Mark Levine told the publication.

Not sure how you verify that your car can survive an apocalypse.