NY MTA Says There's No Decision on G Train Extension

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When the NY MTA began a massive construction project in Brooklyn, disrupting service for riders in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace, it sweetened the pot by extending G train service deeper into Brooklyn, connecting those neighborhoods to Fort Greene and Williamsburg.

According to an MTA podcast from 2009 "As a result of extending the G, it’s estimated that on a typical weekday, 8,700 riders will save an average of three minutes. The G will operate to Church Ave through 2013, the scheduled completion date for the Culver Viaduct project."

But the when the Working Families Party started circulating a petition  this week (prompting many alarmed emails to Transportation Nation), the MTA appeared to have a change of heart.

"We have made no decision on the G line extension which was put into place to facilitate the Culver Viaduct rehabilitation work," spokesman Charles Seaton said in an email. "We will do an assessment toward the end of the year and then make a decision prior to completion of the work—about a year and a half from now."