TN MOVING STORIES: Chicago to Spend Half a Billion To Improve its Bus Fleet, Amtrak's Wi-Fi "An Infuriating Tease"

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One World Trade Center (photo by Kate Hinds)

The Port Authority will announce a completion date for One World Trade Center in the "days to come." Also coming soon: the second part of an agency audit. (Asbury Park Press)

And: the agency approved a $143 million upgrade of Stewart International Airport, a project aimed at increasing passenger traffic at the facility about 60 miles north of New York City (Star Ledger), as well as a request by Jet Blue to add international flights to its JFK termianl. (AP via Crain's New York)

NYC taxi fares will definitely be going up soon. (WNYC)

New York Governor Cuomo pledged to rid the state of four sets of “rotting and obsolete” trains that have sat unused in a rail yard outside upstate Schenectady since 2004 -- remnants of a failed program to bring faster train service between NYC and Albany. (New York Daily News)

Chicago will spend nearly half a billion dollars to improve its bus fleet. (Chicago Tribune)

Lawmakers -- who normally criticize the TSA for its invasive security techniques -- held a hearing criticizing them for not doing enough to protect surface transportation travelers. (The Hill)

For Amtrak passengers on the Northeast Corridor, "the promise of Wi-Fi has become an infuriating tease." (New York Times)

The first commercial mission to ferry supplies into space ended successfully Thursday when SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule fell to earth on target in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico. (New York Times)

Greyhound didn't take long to try to reclaim a share of the U.S. bus market from newer rivals; the bus company began offering $1 one-way fares to passengers left stranded by Thursday's DOT crackdown. (Bloomberg via SF Gate)

More protected bike lanes are coming to Chicago. (WBEZ)

A different kind of transit story: in what's known as the transit of Venus, that planet will be passing between the earth and the sun next week -- something that won't happen again until 2117. (USA Today)

This week's accident at a DC Metro rail yard that injured one worker is once again raising questions about worker safety on the transit line. (WAMU)

Zambikes: a Zambian-US company is making bicycle frames from locally-grown bamboo. (CNN)