New York Congressman Weiner: Skeptical Climate Change Will Pass this Congress

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(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) Brooklyn and Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner says he doubts climate change legislation will be passed in this Congress. His remarks on the Brian Lehrer show come on the heels of Senator Harry Reid's announcement that the U.S. Senate won't take up legislation that would put a price on carbon emissions anytime soon.

Last summer, the House, after much sturm-and-drang, narrowly passed sweeping climate change legislation to limit CO2 emissions. But the Senate bill has gotten narrower and narrower, until Reid announced a very limited set of reforms yesterday.

Weiner's told WNYC's Brian Lehrer show that he's skeptical that Democrats will be able to get energy legislation passed before the mid term elections.

"We had a legislation that would increase the oil spill liability of the oil companies that we were trying to pass in the middle of the worst of the spill just to make the oil companies liable for more of the damage 'cus there's a cap on the law," Weiner said. "We couldn't even get that out of the United States Senate."

President Barack Obama pledged in his acceptance speech that he would act to save a "planet in peril." But despite the warmest July on record in the northeast and the BP oil spill, the Senate has little appetite to take up a measure that Republicans have repeatedly referred to as an "energy tax."