TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Bill Markup Today, American Airlines Wants To Lay Off 15% of Workers, Capital Bikeshare Expanding Into Suburbs

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Top stories on TN: Contract talks resumed between NY's MTA and the transit union. The House's transpo bill got a storm of criticism. And one Bay Area resident gets a lesson in urban cycling.

(photo by willandbeyond via flickr)

Watch a live markup of the transportation bill starting at 9am. (House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee)

Learn more about the transportation bill -- and how it will affect cyclists and pedestrians -- on this morning's Brian Lehrer Show. (WNYC)

And: one provision of the bill that's getting a lot of attention: increasing the weight of trucks on highways. (CNN)

American Airlines wants to lay off 13,000 workers--15% of its workforce -- and terminate pension plans. (New York Times)

New Jersey's Assembly is considering four bills that would increase oversight and transparency of the Port Authority. (New Jersey Newsroom)

Meanwhile, NJ Democrats have also recommended people for jobs at the Port Authority. Gov. Christie spokesman: "I feel like saying something about people with glass houses." (Star-Ledger)

No transit legislation for Indiana, at least this session. (Indianapolis Star)

New York's MTA has paid $105 million in fees to the state for borrowing from private investors over the past six years. (New York Daily News)

Capital Bikeshare is expanding into the DC suburbs...(Washington Post)

...and users explain why they ride: “Unless you walk to work, there’s simply no cheaper way to go,” said one. “The cost savings have been ridiculous.” (Washington Post)

The New York State Assembly is investigating the NY Metropolitan Transportation Council -- a "little-known government body that plays a major role in setting transportation policy in New York City and its suburbs." (New York Times)

London is using "green walls" to reduce air pollution. (CNN)

Women are better at parking than men, at least in the U.K. (Chicago Tribune)