Times Square Takes a Peek Downtown: Pedestrian Plaza to hit Union Square

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(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation, April 26) We'll take our lumps.
On Friday, we ribbed the Times for waking up to the planned changes on 34th Street in Manhattan (home to Macy's, the Empire State Building, Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, and beginning in 2010, an end-to-end, fully physically separated Bus Rapid Transit, and a one-block-long pedestrian plaza from the Empire State Building to Macy's). WNYC News had reported on the plan back in February.

But on Saturday, the Gray Lady scooped us fair and square, by being the first to report on a plan to convert part of Broadway north of Union Square to a pedestrian plaza.

That would bring the Great White Way's pedestrian plazas to three, at Union Square, Times Square, and Herald Square (around Macy's flagship store). And it doesn't include the rather large pedestrian area near Columbus Circle on Broadway (close to the entrance to Central Park).

While you're at, check out today's Times for a nice analysis of subway ridership, where it dropped, and where it grew in 2009. We'd love your comments on that, from New York, or beyond -- what transit ridership changes have you noticed in the last year?