TN MOVING STORIES: BP Trial Begins Today, LaHood Warns of FAA Furloughs, the Dim Future of NYC's MetroCard

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(photo by Kate Hinds)

The trial against BP over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion/spill begins today in New Orleans. At issue: was it gross negligence? (Bloomberg)

U.S. DOT head Ray LaHood: sequestration will lead to air traffic controller furloughs. (The Hill)

And his suggestion to bring Republicans to the negotiation table: “Go and see ‘Lincoln"... (Washington Post)

...leading Senator John McCain to defend his party and levy a "shame on Ray LaHood." (Washington Post)

New York's MetroCard isn't going away anytime soon -- but the next generation fare system must be in place by 2019, because maintaining the current system isn't viable beyond that. (New York Times)

Should the U.S. government make like Estonia and build a nationwide charging network for electric cars? (NPR)

A pair of new highway tunnels will divert motorists away from an ocean cliff-hanging roadway dubbed the Devil's Slide south of San Francisco. Bonus: the retaining walls and fake boulders at the entrance were "sculpted by the man who shaped and molded Disneyland's Indiana Jones ride." (AP via SF Examiner)

D.C. may rethink the timing of traffic signals to prevent green arrow pedestrian crashes. (WTOP)

By the end of 2015, solo drivers will be able to buy their way into 90 miles of express car pool lanes on some of the most-clogged Bay Area freeways. (SFGate)

D.C.'s food trucks are facing new regulations. "Ice cream trucks would be required to maintain a regular stream of customers, with no more than 10 minutes between customers, or the truck would have to move from its parking space." (DC Examiner)

A square mile in Staten Island bounded by Midland Avenue, Father Capodanno Boulevard, Seaview Avenue and Hylan Boulevard turned out to be the most dangerous place to be in New York City the night of Sandy. (WNYC)

The mayor of Hoboken will talk about her flood control proposal on today's Brian Lehrer Show.

Japan's All Nippon Airways said it will cancel all Boeing 787 flights until at least the end of May, in the latest blow to Boeing. (BBC)

Chicago's L train once offered funeral car service. (WBEZ CuriousCity)

Curious City: Chicago's funeral "L" cars from WBEZ on Vimeo.