PHOTOS: The 1917 Nostalgia Train Rides Again -- Express to the Bronx

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(photo by Kate Hinds)

The subway car now known as the "nostalgia special" was first rolled out in 1917. New York's MTA brings it back for special events -- like the Yankees' first home game in its best in five series against the Baltimore Orioles to determine the American League Divisional champs, being held Wednesday night in the Bronx.

(photo by Kate Hinds)

The four-car subway pulled into the 42nd Street Grand Central Terminal on the uptown #6 track. It went express to 161st Street/Yankees Stadium. 

The interior has straps for passengers to hold on -- the origin of the term "straphangers."


In 1917, the NYC subway fare was a nickel. Today, a $2.25 MetroCard buys passengers access to over 600 miles of subway track.

The interior still has the original ads.

Fans waiting to board (photo by Kate Hinds)