DC Metro Gets a Good Rap, Musically-Speaking

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(Washington, DC - Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) Chronic delays, elevator outages, comically dysfunctional escalators. So many things give Washington DC's Metro system a bad rap. So much so, apparently, that Metro's badness actually has... a rap.

Local musical lampooner Remy Munasifi has just hit Metro with a new rap video,

skewering everything from its slow-moving tourists to its antiquated, orange-hewed seating. Metro has become a favorite target of DC-area residents. The system faces chronic budget shortfalls and constant equipment failures, both on trains and in stations. Still, with more nearly 730,000 trips per average weekday, it remains one of the most popular subway systems in the country, second only to New York City.

Munasafi is already a local celebrity in the DC area for other comedy videos. In one, he celebrates the bland consumerism of Arlington, a DC suburb in Northern Virginia. In his latest Metro rap, Munasafi hones his humor on dozens of metro's foibles. "There's no network in this tunnel and it's got me perplexed. Oh well, at least now we know the driver can't text," he says.

Catch Munasafi's Metro rap here. But keep in mind, it's not the first local DC hit to lampoon Metro. Politcal satire group The Capitol Steps have been entertaining tourists and locals for years by performing "In the Metro", sung to the tune of Elvis's "In the Ghetto".