LOOK: NYC's First Ever Late Night Subway Map

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In the city that never sleeps, the subway rolls on through the night, but with enough route changes to befuddle even the most seasoned straphanger. The result is passengers, guided by a daytime map, waiting on empty platforms for the trains that don't run, or equally frustrating, letting a train rumble past that could have worked while trying to sort out if the nighttime route would work, or why the A is on the F line in the first place.  So, for the first time ever, the NYC MTA has released a Late Night Subway Map (full size).

During the overnight hours three subway lines stop running, three become shuttles, six express trains go local and one extra shuttle poofs into nocturnal existence (at the Queens end of the A line). Now there's a map that shows all that. This map is in effect, roughly, from midnight to 6 a.m.

In text form, here's what's different at night, captured on the map:

  • There are no B, C, or Z trains on the map, nor the 42nd Street Shuttle.
  • Five subway lines offer shorter service than usual:
    • The 3 terminates at Times Square.
    • The 5 runs as a shuttle in the Bronx between E. 180 St and Dyre Av
    • The M runs as a shuttle between Myrtle Av, Brooklyn, and Metropolitan Av, Queens.
    • The Q terminates at 57 St/7 Av in Midtown Manhattan.
    • The R runs as a shuttle in Brooklyn between 36 St and 95 St.
  • Six lines make additional stops they don’t make during the daytime.
    • The 2 makes all local stops in Manhattan.
    • The 4 makes all local stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn and is extended to New Lots Av, Brooklyn.
    • The A makes all local stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn; it runs to Far Rockaway but not Lefferts Blvd or Rockaway Park, which are served by shuttle trains.
    • The D runs local via Fourth Av in Brooklyn.
    • The E runs local via Queens Blvd.
    • The N runs local via the Financial District.
  • There is no skip/stop service on the J, which terminates at Chambers St on weekend overnight periods
  • Six subway lines (the 1, 6, 7, F, G, and L) and Franklin Avenue Shuttle run their normal routes as local trains. (There is no 6 or 7 express service.)