Park Score Rankings: San Francisco Best City for Parks, See How Your City Fares

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Taking a page from the addictive WalkScore rankings, we now have ParkScore. The Trust for Public Land has ranked big cities in America by access to, and investment in parks. It's similar to WalkScore. Except the rankings are by city, and the winner is: San Francisco.

Unlike WalkScore, which lets you enter any address in the country, ParkScore lets you glean information by looking at a map.

Top Ten Cities for Parks:

  • 1) San Francisco
  • 2) Sacramento
  • 3) Boston
  • 3) New York
  • 5) Washington
  • 6) Portland
  • 7) Virginia Beach
  • 8) San Diego
  • 9) Seattle
  • 10) Philadelphia

Full list here.

The Trust for Public Land ranks cities on a scale of 1 to 100 that is meant to represent how well a city is meeting residents' needs for parks.

You can zoom to see what neighborhoods are "serviced by parks" and which aren't. More interestingly, you can overlay that with demographic data, land use categories and low income neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, there is significant overlap between "need for park" and poorer residents.

The formula calculates park acreage, spending, number of playgrounds and number of residents living within a ten minute walk to parks.

Play around with the stats, see charts and find your city's ParkScore here.