TN MOVING STORIES: DOT Shutters Dozens of Bus Companies, Dragon Returning To Earth, Still No A/C at Penn Station

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Top stories on TN:
Park Score Rankings: San Francisco Best City for Parks, See How Your City Fares (link)
Houston City Council Approves Plans for International Terminal at Hobby Airport (link)
The New York City Council Praises Sadik-Khan, Instead of Burying Her (link)
Final Montana Yellowstone River Oil Spill Report To Be Released This Summer (link)

SpaceX's Dragon capsule, after being released from the International Space Station (photo courtesy of NASA)

The Beverly Hills school district is suing Los Angeles County over the route of the $5.6-billion Westside subway extension. (Los Angeles Times)

For a second straight day there was still no air conditioning at New York's Penn Station. (Star-Ledger)

Chicago's transportation commissioner talks about the city's goal to "to eliminate all pedestrian, bicycle, and overall traffic crash fatalities within 10 years" on The Takeaway.

Ridership on Boston's transit system is up for the 15th consecutive month, the longest period of growth in the transit system’s history. (AP via WBUR)

The U.S. Transportation Department conducted its largest safety sweep of the motor-coach industry -- and shut down 26 bus companies as imminent safety hazards, closing dozens of routes out of New York’s Chinatown. (Bloomberg)

Red double-decker buses are back on the road in Baghdad. "They disappeared after the occupation, but it's good to see them back," said one passenger. "It makes it feel like Baghdad is like any other capital." (Reuters)

Could drilling for oil become too costly? (Marketplace)

Essex County approved a "Complete Streets" resolution, making it the first county in New Jersey to adopt Complete Streets as part of its broader transportation and road safety policy. (Nutley Sun)

Chicago's transit agency won't raise fares -- for now. (Chicago Tribune)

The New York State Thruway wants to increase tolls on trucks -- but the state says that money won't be used to pay for the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement. (AP via Wall Street Journal)

New York Mayor Bloomberg signed into law a bill allowing people to transfer the time left on their Muni Meter receipts. (New York Times)

States can significantly reduce teen fatalities and collision rates by strengthening existing graduated driver licensing laws. (Washington Post)

SpaceX's Dragon capsule is heading back to Earth after spending a week at the International Space Station, and NASA is live streaming it. (NPR)

Streaming live video by Ustream
New York's MTA has reached a settlement with Sikh and Muslim workers in federal court that allows them to wear their turbans freely -- without the MTA corporate logo -- just as they did before the 9/11 attacks. (DNA Info)

ExxonMobil shareholders voted against a resolution asking the company to explicitly protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination. (Miami Herald)

Helmet hair no more: a Swedish company has invented an "invisible" bike helmet airbag that looks like a scarf -- until the moment of impact. (New York Daily News)

In Italy, electric buses wirelessly recharge on the road. (New York Times)

Peregrine falcon chicks are living on a perch near New Jersey's Bayonne Bridge. (Jersey Journal)