Crowdsourcing NYC Bike Tickets - Tell Us What You Know!

Saturday, May 07, 2011 - 02:55 AM

Show Us Your Ticket!

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) If you haven't filled out our survey about bike tickets in NYC, or sent it to someone else to fill out, here's another chance.

Cycling increased dramatically in the city in recent years, and then this year, suddenly, ticketing of cyclists has spiked to new highs. Have you noticed that? Have you gotten a ticket yourself? Know someone who has?

We’re looking to map where these tickets are happening and for what. Please spread the word to all the cyclists you know. And fill out the form below.

Here's a shortened link to send them:

And the simple form to fill out below.

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prince charles

Too many bicyclists in NYC ride illegally, recklessly, and without regard to their own, or others', safety. Ticketing everyone, including bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, who violate traffic laws and regulations in NY state must be required of all law enforcement officers. The State of New York must require bicyclists to wear properly fitting and government-approved helmets while riding, to use white headlights with steady or pulsating beams along with steady or pulsating beam red taillights on bicycles while riding at night, and to display yellow or white reflectors on the spokes or rims of bike wheels. All bicycles must be required by NY State law to be licensed and registered every 3 years. Bike riders must carry the current registration form for any bicycle being ridden, and be cited by law enforcement if unable to produce such registration. Bicycles must display state-issued license stickers in a conspicuous location on each bicycle as determined by NY State law. Bicyclists may never disregard traffic laws or regulations unless directed to by a law enforcement or public safety officer, or when an emergency necessitates doing so without endangering anyone or property. The Federal, state, and local governments must provide additional bike parking, paths, lanes, traffic control devices, and public education to enhance bicycle use and safety.

May. 06 2011 09:49 PM

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