Early Photos of NYC Bike Share

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NYC announced Wednesday that Alta bicycle share company will run New York City's bike share program to launch next year. Here's an early peak at what it will look like.

The official announcement is underway right now. We posted a few details already (10,000 bikes, $100/year membership fee, planned launch date in 2012) and we'll have a lot more soon.

Keep checking back for updates all day.

(Photo Kate Hinds)

Alta is affiliated with Bixi bike share which runs Monrteal's bike share program and Barclay's bikes in London.

(Photo Kate Hinds)

The pay station. Membership fees will be $100 per year. The first half hour of a trip will be free.

(Photo Kate Hinds)

Expect this kind of bik share station in 600 locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. They are slated to stretch from 79th street south as far into Brooklyn as Bed-Stuy, Windsor Terrace and Park Slope. Pilot locations will also be tested in the other three boroughs.