Times Square Design Contest Still On

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation, May 4) Tim Tompkins, the head of the Times Square Alliance, emails there are no changes in the Times Square design contest -- the city is still going ahead with processing requests for proposals for the graphics underfoot at the pedestrian plazas. The plan still stands to announce a winner later this month.

This should come as no surprise. I was in Times Square on Sunday -- as I've been after other international incidents -- the Afghanistan War Declaration in the fall of 2001, and the London subway bombings of July 2005. Each time, Times Square was a magnet -- people gathering for the sake of human contact, a need to affirm they're part of something. Bombs or no, it's the place people want to be, particularly when something is happening.

BTW - WNYC also wants to know what you think the new times square should look like...tell us here.