New York MTA's Website Promises More Timetables, Transit Apps

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(New York, NY -- Jim O'Grady, WNYC) The NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority's website just got a makeover. It now sports a simplified design and better tools for planning trips and saving money on fares.

The new homepage lets riders find out if delays are expected at a particular time in the future because of construction work, while the old site only let people check the current status. And the "service status" function--which gives updates on everything from closures on bridges to escalator breakdowns--can now be installed as a widget on other websites.

The site famously failed last January when some 500,000 users at once tried to access the site during a 19-inch snowstorm. Users were given a plain text version of the site. The MTA said at the time it was a victim of its own success, and had attracted more users than it can handle.

The MTA site also features 36 mobile apps by independent companies that do things like help riders pick the subway car that will get them closest to their exit and compile travel alerts and advisories.

Riders can use the site's "Ways to Save" box to find out whether they qualify for reduced fares.

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