FAA Launches Slick Mobile Website, Mainly for Pilots, Aviation Buffs

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Sure, every website needs a mobile version nowadays. But that's especially true if one of your target audiences is pilots and frequent air travelers.

Mobile traffic to the FAA's website just about tripled over the past two years, to about 4.4 million visitors a year. The new website, www.faa.gov/mobile has quick access to the most popular searches on the FAA website like checking for flight delays at your airport.

The other search features reveal what pilots and aviation buffs really want to search on the go. You can look up or report wildlife strikes--as in planes hitting birds--or check for FAA advisories to make sure you are complying with regulations. These are features pilots need.

You can also look up an aircraft's N-Number, the ID number for each plane that tells you who owns it and where it's from. Obscure minutiae, you say? Well it was N-Number tracking that led to the outing of the CIA in their prisoner "renditions" for torture beyond our borders.

Sleuthing isn't the top use the FAA expects the new website version to be used for of course,  just helping pilots on the go.