Big Three Automakers Fight for Police Car Market

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(Detroit, MI -- The Takeaway)  Ford has been open about its plans to phase out the massively popular Crown Victoria line in 2011, but is inviting stiff competition from both Chrysler and General Motors, who are unveiling vehicles aimed squarely at police fleets. Will Ford be able to keep the 75 percent market-share of the police cruiser market, that the Crown Victoria managed?

The Crown Victoria has long been king of the police car market, despite lawsuits in the early 1990s alleging that gas tank leaks from certain types of high speed, rear end impacts lead to explosions.  Now that the rugged-bodied, high-powered, rear-wheel drive vehicle is going to be replaced by Ford's newer "Interceptor," the other Big Three automakers are seeking to get into the police vehicle action.

For more, we speak with Brent Snavely, automotive reporter for the Detroit Free Press, and Michigan State Police Lieutenant Keith Wilson.