TN MOVING STORIES: Detroit Officials Get Ready to Turn Off Half The Streetlights, LA Approves Controversial Subway Route

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Top stories on TN:
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Southwest’s Airport Plan Wins Houston Officials’ Support — Despite United’s Outcry (link)

Detroit's Eastern Market (photo by Roche Photo via Flickr)

NJ Governor Christie wants to take $260 million from the NJ Turnpike Authority to balance the state budget -- then borrow to fund transportation projects. (NJ Spotlight)

SpaceX's Dragon capsule is on track to dock at the International Space Station this morning, and @NASA and @SpaceX are live tweeting updates.

When NYC announces a new transit project, expect delays. (New York Times)

As Detroit shrinks, city officials are trying to nudge remaining residents into a smaller living space by eliminating streetlights in "distressed" areas. (Bloomberg)

Portland's bicycling boom has spawned some interesting business models, including a bar where "people can turn their valuable beer calories into electricity.” (Bloomberg)

Despite vociferous objections and legal threats, Los Angeles County transportation officials approved a plan to tunnel beneath Beverly Hills High School as part of its Westside subway extension. (Los Angeles Times)

The Bronx could become home to the first median bus lanes and bus stops in the city. (New York Daily News)

Russia has signed a deal with Exxon to tap the country's vast oil reserves in the Arctic. (NPR)

The honor system (or proof of payment, depending on your take) is ending on Los Angeles's subway system, as officials voted to begin locking gates at Red Line and Purple Line stations this summer. (AP via San Francisco Chronicle)

Long Island Rail Road is putting its taxi stands up for bid, expects to make 75% more revenue. (Newsday; subscription)

A bill requiring the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to hold 10 or more public hearings at least 30 days before future toll or fare hikes is now on Governor Christie's desk. But to have any effect, identical legislation would have to be approved in New York. (The Record)

Ford's non-car market -- Hot Wheels, T-shirts, video games -- earns the company $1.5 billion a year. (Marketplace)

Police in Oakland, California, uncovered a cache of 100+ stolen bicycles. (SFist)

This year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair features a bike rack parking bench. (PSFK)

One woman's video portrait of an East Village intersection recently premiered at the 14th Street Y's LABA festival.