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(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Welcome to the redesigned Transportation Nation website. We've been bringing you more and more original public radio reporting each week and we just plain outgrew the old blog design.

Now you can see all the latest and breaking news in the center column, just like the old blog format, but we're going to pull out the best, most in-depth, substantive reports for you by highlighting them in our featured stories column on the left side of the site.

We've also made it much easier to subscribe to our RSS feed so you can see what we're up to in your Google Reader or however you check your feeds. If you don't know about RSS, it's quite handy. Here's a tutorial on it. You'll see a box that says subscribe over to the right, just click the orange box and follow the instructions.

And, possibly most exciting, we've added a daily email feature. Subscribers will get one email a day that will be just like our morning links—TN Moving Stories to  you  regulars. It's a veritable panoply of transportation and infrastructure leads and links from everywhere we check for our news, plus it has highlights from our own site. Don't miss it. Sign up now.

We hope you enjoy reading your transportation news in this new design. I think you'll find it easier to navigate by topic—note the navigation bar up top—to share stories you like with your friends and colleagues (please do so often!) and overall, get more out of each visit to Transportation Nation.

If you find anything not to your liking, please let us know (nicely).

Thanks for reading! And please let us know what you think.