NJ Transit's Website Briefly Derailed

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(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation)  Transportation Nation received a tip this morning from a reader:

Is it possible that NJ Transit did not renew their domain name for the website?  http://www.njtransit.com/ Sure looks that way...
This makes it difficult to find schedules, to say the least.  Thought it might be worth looking into.

And it was.

"For a brief time this morning, the domain name lapsed and needed to be renewed,"  agency spokesman Dan Stessel told Transportation Nation, who also said that it was dealt with promptly. "It was quickly detected--an hour from detection to resolution."

Stessel said while 80% of people trying to access the website never noticed an issue, there were still some users who were being directed to a holding page. "We believe it affected one in five users between 7am and 9am today," he said.  He said that customers who had signed up for the agency's My Transit bus and rail service alerts continued to receive text messages throughout the morning.

Network Solutions, the company that hosts NJ Transit's website, said that the website actually expired on January 7th and the agency renewed it this morning.

NJ Transit seemed to have been caught by surprise. "We don’t have any record of notification, which is unfortunate," Stessel said. "We’re looking into it further. Our domain name provider says 'we sent emails' -- but they did not seem to be received."

Stessel wanted to reassure customers that this wouldn't happen again anytime soon -- or at least for the next two decades, because "we’ve renewed the domain name for 20 years."  For the cost of $279.80--less than price of a monthly rail pass between New Brunswick and New York Penn Station.