TN MOVING STORIES: Dreamliner to Fly Again in May, The Risk of Killing the Keystone XL, Take a 360 Tour of Edinburgh's Tram

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NYC Starts Placing Bike Share Docks (link)
US Navy Could Use Blimps to Track Drug Submarines (link)

Californians: it's still illegal to use your cell phone while driving, even if you're using a mapping app. (Venture Beat)

The risks of killing Keystone: rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline would push Canada's oil exports onto trains, which register almost three times more spills than pipelines. (Bloomberg)

Bus lobbyists met with the White House over a pending rule requiring motor coaches to have passenger seatbelts. (The Hill)

A test of the Boeing 787's new battery system went off without a hitch. (Wired)

And: United will fly its Dreamliners again in May. (Chicago Tribune)

Last year, police in New Jersey were cracking down on jaywalkers. Now they're penalizing cars. Will the switch make a difference? (Atlantic Cities)

Coming to a NYC subway station near you this summer: the MTA's "On the Go" information kiosks. "Thrill to your own personal journey underground, as bright ribbons of color snake through the boroughs, showing you how to get from here to there on the subway." (New York Times)

D.C.'s Metro plans to spend $215 million over the next five years to replace a long-troubled series of rail cars. (Washington Post)

Roads in Texas are paved with tolls, taxes and debt. (Texas Tribune)

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to pay a fine of $3.5 million for failing to train its police officers to perform rescues and fight fires. (New York Times)

Put away your wallet: Houston's Metro is offering free rides today in celebration of hitting a ridership milestone four years ahead of schedule. (KUHF)

The NYC DOT will connect three more sections of the Brooklyn Greenway bike/pedestrian path this summer. (Wall Street Journal)

Today's 'disappearing job': Toll collector. (Marketplace)

Ah, Scotland in the spring: take a 360 tour of Edinburgh's new tram. (Link)

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