Men, Not Taxis, Are Most Likely to Hit NYC Pedestrians

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(New York, NY - Collin Campbell)  Five years of data and 7,000 crash records are showing a rich picture of collisions between pedestrians and cars in New York City.  They're at the lowest point in recorded history, the Bloomberg Administration says, and the analysis released today may inform policy decisions to push them lower.

Among the findings from the mayor's announcement today:

•    Male drivers are involved in 80% of crashes that kill or seriously injure pedestrians.  They're only 57% of registered drivers in New York City.
•    Private vehicles – not taxis, trucks or buses – are involved in 79% of crashes that kill or seriously injure pedestrians.
•    Pedestrian fatalities in 2009 were down nearly 20 percent from 2001.

•    Most New Yorkers do not know the city’s standard speed limit is 30 m.p.h.
•    Manhattan has four times as many pedestrians killed or severely injured per mile of street compared to the other four boroughs.
•    Pedestrians killed in Manhattan lived in other boroughs or outside New York City 43 percent of the time.

Full report here.  Here's more on this news from WNYC today: