New York Conducts Long Distance Bus Inspection Crackdown

Long Distance Bus in Manhattan (Sam Lewis/WNYC)

Governor Cuomo's office says 116 bus drivers and 95 buses have been pulled out of service after a two-week roadside inspection blitz by New York state police.

The inspections occurred in late September and early October.

Most of the violations were found on buses in New York City. Almost a third of all bus inspections in the city since March have resulted in a driver or bus being pulled out of service.

The crackdown comes in the long wake of a fatal accident on a Bronx highway on March 12. A tour bus returning from a Connecticut casino in the early morning flipped and rammed into the base of a highway sign, killing 15 people.

Ophadell Williams, the driver in that accident, has been charged with 15 counts of manslaughter. A report by the state inspector general said Williams had a history of moving violations, gave false names to police who pulled him over and lied on his application for a commercial license.

The Governor's office says the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is now using facial recognition technology to search for drivers who have a valid commercial license in one name and additional license documents in another.