TN Moving Stories: Bay Area Land Use Plan Links Growth to Transit, NJ's Kayak Commuters, Maryland Transit Center Bedeviled by Problems

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San Francisco (photo by Shanestar via flickr)

Bay Area cities and counties are mulling over a proposal that would use "transportation money to help steer growth...into already developed areas, around existing transit hubs, highways and transit lines." (San Francisco Chronicle)

Maryland's Silver Spring Transit Center -- described as a "mini-Union Station" -- is twelve years late and its budget has tripled. "The county has issued news releases to 'celebrate' the start of the center three times in nine years." (Washington Post)

Bicycling in Los Angeles: not just a"renegade subculture" anymore. (New York Times)

A pair of New Jersey commuters make their cross-Hudson trip by kayak (Star-Ledger). (Note: which reminded us of another, similar commute in the Bay Area.)

If voters say yes to the July 31 sales tax referendum, they will trigger the biggest single transportation investment the Atlanta region has seen in generations. But how much will commutes really change? (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Experience and smooth planning means Chicago's transportation system is handling the NATO summit well so far. But some out-of-towners are confused: "I'm kind of lost," one protestor said,  holding his shoes and a sign that read "Obama's drones kill babies" and "Eat the rich." (Chicago Tribune)

Beverly Hills is threatening legal action over Los Angeles's subway expansion plan. (Los Angeles Times)

Investor T. Boone Pickens: "Natural gas has been a disaster...(and) We have no energy plan for the country. It's pitiful; we're using 25 percent of all the oil produced in the world every day." (Marketplace)

WNYC's Anna Sale walked over the Brooklyn Bridge with historian David McCullough. (The Takeaway)

If you see something, text something: Boston's transit system launched an iPhone app to facilitate reporting suspicious activity. (WCVB)

And: all underground portions of Boston's subway will be wired for cell phone service by the end of the year. (Boston Globe)

A Wall Street Journal editorial refers to California's high-speed rail project as the "Kafka Express" and "Jerry Brown's train to nowhere."

A swarm of bees trapped a family in their Volvo at a parking lot on Manhattan's West Side. (DNA Info)