INTERACTIVE MAP: Who Super-Commutes by Plane in the U.S.

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Which would you say is a worse commute: New York to Honolulu, or L.A. to San Juan, Puerto Rico? About 25 people fly each of those super commute routes every week.

There are about 43,000 people who commute by plane, census data show. Here's a map of the plane routes to the top 12 air-commuting U.S. cities. Hover your mouse over the colored lines to see how many people fly a given route to work each week.

See our earlier radio report on super-commuters to get to know the people who make these treks.

In case you were wondering:

The top five super commutes (all modes) in the U.S. (2009 data):

1) Tucson to Phoenix, AZ 3.6% of workforce (54,400 total)
2) Houston to Dallas, TX 3.3% (44,300 total)
3) Dallas-Fort Worth to Houston, TX 2.7% (51,900 total)
4) Austin to Dallas, TX 2.4% (32,400 total)
5) San Diego to Los Angeles, CA 2.2% (78,300 total)

(Data via Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management)

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