Watch Amtrak's 165 MPH Test Trains Whiz Past

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As we reported Monday, Amtrak is taking steps to run Acela trains at a new top speed of 160 m.p.h. along four stretches of the Northeast Corridor. The current top is 150 m.p.h. All this week, the company is running empty test trains at night at 165 m.p.h., and rail fans are out there with video cameras.

Here's a sampling what a very high speed (by American standards) train looks like in motion.

The Harlem Line Productions You Tube Channel got an up close view of all the test runs from normal speeds of 135 m.p.h on up. For the fastest runs skip ahead to about 1:20.


The All Aboard Productions You Tube channel offers up the most complete document of what high speed testing looks like. And it's in HD, so remember to turn on that feature. AAP captures nine test runs, and documents the exact time of each in the comments.


Here are two views from Hamilton, NJ station via You Tube user THEATREofPAIN270.