Where The (Potential) Voters Are: Subway Edition

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Registering to vote in New York's Union Square subway station (photo by Andrea Bernstein)

Looking to register more voters in New York City? Take out your MetroCard.

That's what a coalition of nonprofits did on Tuesday as part of National Voter Registration Day. The groups set up tables in subway stations across the city. "Times Square has always been the site with the most new registrants," said NVRD New York State coordinator Kristina Andreotta in a statement, "and we don’t expect anything less from Tuesday."

Fun fact: according to MTA statistics, the average weekday ridership at the city's five busiest subway stations (Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Herald Square, 34th Street/Penn Station and Union Square) totals about 653,000 people. That's more than the populations of either Wyoming or Vermont, but the NYC subway doesn't get a Congressional district.

(photo by Andrea Bernstein)