TN MOVING STORIES: Senate Mulls Toll-Regulating Legislation, Suburban Politicians Not Loving NYC Commuter Tax Idea, Toyota's Woes

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(photo by Ben Sheldon via flickr)

Almost everything about the House’s transportation bill seems uncertain except this: all the changes to transit funding that Republicans originally proposed have been squashed. (Politico)

Meanwhile, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chair John Mica and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are engaged in a snipefest ("get a life"/"I have a life") over Mica's GSA hearings. (The Hill)

The Senate will hold a hearing this morning on a bill giving the federal transportation secretary power to roll back excessive toll hikes by agencies that receive federal funds. (The Star-Ledger)

The mayor of Los Angeles wants county voters to approve an indefinite extension of a half-cent sales tax used for transit projects. (Los Angeles Times)

New Jersey, Connecticut and suburban New York politicians aren't exactly receptive to NYC mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer's commuter tax proposal. (Nyack News and Views, WSHU)

Bike share programs: successful, but not profitable. "Since its start in September 2010, Capital Bikeshare has taken in $2.47 million and spent $2.54 million on operating expenses." (US News & World Report)

San Francisco's transit agency voted in favor of a pilot program that gives low-income kids free Muni rides -- but first, San Francisco's regional transportation partners must agree to help pay for it. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Massachusetts is at the forefront of speedy bridge replacement. And "speedy" refers to days, not years. (New York Times)

Product recalls, the tsunami, and bland car design have hampered automaker Toyota. (NPR)

Shhh, I'm commuting here! Quiet cars are on the increase on train lines nationwide. (USA Today)

The cities with the highest "walk scores" are liberal -- making one writer wonder: why don't conservative cities like to walk? (Slate)

Want more bikers? Build more bike lanes. (Good)

A movie is being made about Oscar Grant, a 22-year old shot and killed by a BART police officer at the Fruitvale station in Oakland. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Bike advocates want to bring more bike lanes to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. (Next American City)

Atlanta's proposed transit hub -- a "mega terminal" downtown -- gets traction. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

More than 1.7 million New Yorkers were living in poverty in 2010 – marking the biggest increase the city has experienced in five years, according to a new report. (WNYC)

Two weeks after TN's story about New Yorkers' lack of bus etiquette, riders still haven't learned how to properly exit a city bus. (New York Times)