As Race Moves to South Carolina, Pothole Ads Do, Too

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Building America's Future, the pro-infrastructure spending group chaired by Ed Rendell, Michael Bloomberg, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, can't stop campaigning.

After spending $250,000 to buy ads in New Hampshire, the group is spending $75,000 - maybe more -- to inject the issue into the South Carolina campaign.

There was some talk of infrastructure spending in the Granite State, though not much, and the issue didn't make its way into any debates.

But hope springs eternal.  Maybe the issue will come up in one of the two  South Carolina debates, which will be on January 16th and the 19th.

(Romney already discussed the issue in SC, here. )

You can read up on Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney's transportation records here.